About Our Company

Omniscient Strap’s mission is simple: we want to produce only the highest-quality box strapping materials for your organization’s packaging requirements. Regardless of your industry, we want to excel at providing you with only the best PP strapping roll products and box straps equipment.

Our complete commitment to the best quality, service and prices will help the company take great strides in future. Our products are with complete varieties, quality assurance, strength and international standards. We adapt to market demand, constantly innovate and wholeheartedly provide customers with high quality products. We are acclaimed for our commendable quality and timely service. We hope to establish good cooperation with more companies in domestic and overseas markets, hand in hand to create a new age of environmental protection packing. Our management of production strictly refers to ISO quality certificate system, sticking to the principal of "Quality is always in the First Place". Compared with the flattery figures of factories, the number of employees and exporting countries, we believe that you will be more concerned with our management concepts: Systematic Quality Control --- Quality Control is conducted in every process of our products. We perform tests on our straps for width, thickness, breaking strength, length, splitting strength and flatness so that our customers have no worries about our products. Automation --- The entire production process is automatically controlled. This greatly reduces our labour costs, making us more competitive in the industry. Enthusiasm --- It is our policy to do our best to achieve what you have thought of and exceed your expectations by doing what you have overlooked. Made In Indian Area --- It is our greatest honor to be a indian manufacturer to declare that our products are "Made in India". Our request on our sales personnel is simple --- "Honest, Sincere and Down-to-Earth spirit, and Achieving what you have promised". Only by insisting on these simple principles can a corporation survive in the long run.

Our Promise

The directors of Omniscient Strap understand the box strapping industry and the complexities owners in that industry can face. That is why our directors set out to create a semi-automatic heat-sealable plant that offers 100% virgin box strapping products. With this state-of-the-art facility, we can promise our customers the best PP band products and equipment for today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Our Expertise

Not only can Omniscient Strap produce box strapping equipment and products that meet the unique requirements of these industries, but we can do so with the highest quality. We recognize the poor quality often associated with global PP strapping bands, which is why our researchers and factory experts have worked hard to develop a quality product and full line of machines to counteract this issue.

Quality Assurance

The company is providing quality assurance by controlling Strapping’s quality with the parameters of Strapping like tensile strength, break strength, elongation percentage in latest computerized quality control equipments. Polyester (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Strapping that is and alternative of Steel Strap.